Video Shows Hero Deputy Miraculously Saving Woman’s 3-Month-Old Son After He Suddenly Stopped Breathing

Image source: YouTube/ABC NewsIncredible video footage has emerged of a Sheriff’s deputy saving the life of a young child after he suddenly stopped breathing while in the back of his mother’s car.
Dashcam footage from Florida’s K9 Deputy Jeremie Nix’s police cruiser caught the moment white sedan pulled over to the side of the road and the boy’s mother leapt out of the car screaming that her son was unresponsive. The baby’s traumatized mother Nechole Crowell quickly flagged down Deputy Nix, who sprinted to help administer first aid to the young child.
Despite the life-saving measures taken by this brave officer, he noticed that the child, Kingston, was not improving. Immediately, he sped off to the nearby Ocala Regional Medical Center to seek further treatment for the gravely sick kid.
The Marion County Sheriff’s Office shared some wonderful updates about baby King’s medical condition following the officer’s heroics…. watch the video, wow!

Thank you Lord you gave him what he needed, you brought him at the right time and everything was within arms reach when the child stopped breathing, wow! It’s amazing to watch you work Lord! Thank you for being a good loving Father, always there even though it might not seem so.

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