Here's What Earth Would Look Like If All The Ice Melted

What would happen if the Antarctic ice sheets melted along with the rest of the ice on Earth?Regardless of your thoughts on climate change, the world’s ice is measurably melting and at a rapid pace. Given recent trends in record warm years, it’s likely that melting will continue at an unprecedented rate for decades to come. Hence, it’s useful to explore extreme scenarios whereby all ice on Earth is melted to book end expectations and hopefully mitigate risks.
National Geographic teamed up with scientists and universities around the world to give an accurate depiction of what Earth would look like if sea level rose by 216 feet, the equivalent of melting all the water currently locked away in ice. This includes ice from continents (mountain snowpack, glaciers, ice sheets etc.) as well as ice on oceans and lakes. One assumption is that all ice contained on land has drained to the sea and not held in continental lakes or rivers…. more

When will this take place? We are not sure but the ice is melting. This is nothing compared to the tribulation. All kinds of destruction is going to happen during the tribulation. We pray you get right with Jesus now before it is to late.

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