Feeling Lonely and Empty Inside

Drugs are on the rise and many have no idea why? They are currently working on a solution but have not found a concrete idea to help these people.

If you are a born again blood washed believer in Jesus Christ, then you should have the discernment to see clearly that Beyoncé is serving her master, Satan. It is not veiled or subtle anymore. It is “In your face” Satan worship.
Just watching Beyoncé in the past few years as she performs at major events across the U.S., the theme is always blatantly Satanic. She is not ashamed to say that she worships the evil one…. more

The amount of articles and videos exposing the truth of how we as a global society have become a people of death, is staggering.  From videos showing people committing suicide, to taking whatever drug of choice to fill the void of emptiness. But the empty void does not go away, it is merely pushed down for a short time and each time the feelings of loneliness return, and the hopelessness grows…. more

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