Ireland has fallen – and the battle is just beginning

May 27, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — The Republic of Ireland has fallen. A coalition of the powerful – Irish politicians who ran on pro-life platforms a few short years ago before abruptly betraying their supporters, the international abortion industry, the media, much of academia, a gaggle of celebrities, and the European elites – have finally prevailed in their relentless efforts to persuade the Irish people to become the first to bring in abortion on demand by popular vote. They voted for abortion in wide margins, and many, if not most, did so with their eyes wide open. There was scarcely a lamppost in the country that did not feature a sign warning them that nearly all abortions would be perpetrated against healthy children, and that Ireland’s abortion regime would permit feticide up until six months, and that voting “Yes” would be granting the abortion industry a licence to kill…more

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