Heretical Preachers: The Pied Pipers of the One World Religion

Is your favorite preacher telling their congregation that the pope of Rome is the pope of all of us? Rick Warren has said this and he is certainly not the only one. Beth Moore and all Emergent church leaders are attempting to lead the vulnerable and immature Christians back to Rome!
I wrote many articles years ago about the head pastor of a huge Southern Baptist church in Richmond, VA. He teaches his people that the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob is the same as Allah. Brethren, I hope that you immediately discern that this is not only wrong, but it is very evil.
I am writing this piece so that you can be equipped to speak truth to those who are deceived. If a head pastor of a church of over 1000 people believes this lie, then surely there are many others. I am so grieved over this — mostly for the people in the congregations of these wolves… more

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