PM of Hungary Makes Historic Speech Against Forced Migration: Show This To Your Liberal Friends

In light of what is happening in the U.K. with Tommy Robinson, I felt led to republish this piece written about a courageous man, Victor Orban of Hungary. If you can get any of your liberal friends to read this, I pray that their eyes would be opened to the truth!
This man is a hero. He speaks for every freedom loving person on this planet. He is PM Orban of Hungary. He knows what it is like to be overtaken, and he also knows freedom. I have documented his words in English for the convenience of the reader. I have also added my own commentary with his words.
Please send this to as many people as you can. The world needs to know that this mass forced migration of these so-called refugees is not grounded in humanitarianism. It is part of the ultimate plan of the U.N. to knock down all borders, to get the world ready for the NWO.. more

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