China’s “social credit” system rewards “good” citizens while punishing “bad” ones: Is this America’s future?

Author George Orwell’s fictional work “1984” has turned out to be more prophetic than anyone could have imagined in the late 1940s when it was published.
In his book, Orwell wrote about an all-powerful Big Brother ‘surveillance state’ that tracked everyone in real time. Even at home, the government was always watching and manipulating.
The technology that Orwell imagined in 1984 exists today and it is being utilized by an authoritarian government — China — in ways that some believe will eventually be adopted by the world’s “democracies” including the United States under a future, Left-wing despotic leader.
A recently released video describes what China calls a “social credit” system, whereby government officials rank citizens as “good” and “trustworthy,” or “bad” and thus subject to punishment based on their living habits… more

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