internet-lock-key-digital-security-2168234_1280-pixabay-600Hacks into computer systems are becoming so common, they almost are not even mentioned these days, reports Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.
Only the big events, such as Facebook’s sale of tens of millions of users’ personal information, gain much attention.
But the problem may soon be getting a lot less attention.
Because it may not be happening nearly as much.
TraceFree Corp. has announced the creation of the “first web browser that makes it impossible for any site, including Google, to see or share a user’s personal data.”… more

You can also use Brave, Epic and Tor Browsers which all do the same exact thing. We use Brave and then Epic. You can search “where am i” on google under epic and it will show where you are. Just did this test and it said I was in California, but I am no where near California or even in California.
These browsers do not keep track of you and they protect your privacy when you search or browse the internet.
Brave Browser
Epic Browser
Tor Browser
These search sites are like google, yahoo but they protect your privacy.
Duck Duck Go

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