Creepy: Android Reads Your Texts, Tells You How to Respond

Creepy: Android Reads Your Texts, Tells You How to RespondGoogle is now rolling out a creepy “Smart Reply” feature on Android phones which reads text messages you just received and gives you suggestions on how to respond.
That’s right, if you’re an Android user, Google is now analyzing texts people send you and gives you “recommended” responses based on what it thinks you’ll say given the context of the conversation and even your current location, which is how the feature previously worked on Google Mail.
Apparently Android is OPTING IN users into the service without their prior permission: It seems that this feature originated on Google Mail and is now making its way to text messaging.
According to a February article by Android Authority:
Smart Reply is an AI-based feature that runs within the app. It scans the message you are replying to and takes into account other factors like your current location,… more

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