After years of DENIAL, the left-wing media suddenly admits mobile phones are secretly listening to your conversations

If you were to have suggested 10 years ago that data-mining operations like Facebook and Google were actively “listening” to everything people do online, including what we all say around our smartphones, many “normies” would have called you a crazy conspiracy theorist. But in 2018, even the left-wing mainstream media now openly admits that online spying is taking place constantly.
VICE writer Sam Nichols recently conducted an experiment showing this to be true. After casually noticing that some of the things he’d talked about with friends over his smartphone were suddenly showing up as advertising in his Facebook and Instagram apps, he decided to calculatedly speak certain phrases over and over again to see if those things showed up, too. And the scary thing is that they did.
Twice a day for five days, Nichols made sure to talk about things like going back to university and needing to purchase affordable shirts for work. And sure enough, he began to notice advertising changes in his social media accounts almost immediately, suggesting that the Silicon Valley mafia is actively invading people’s privacy and spying on what they say and do in order to sell more advertising space… more

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