‘Beheading and Rape’: Heidi Baker Issues Call to Prayer as Ministry Faces Threats by Islamic Terrorists

Image source: Facebook/Heidi BakerWell-known American missionary Heidi Baker has appealed for prayers as violent Islamic militants edge closer to her ministry base in Pemba, Mozambique.
Baker, who leads Iris Global ministries, recently took to Facebook to update followers on the current situation. She wrote that “recently a number of Christians have been killed here,” adding that “women have been raped and many homes have been burned” by Islamic terrorists.
“Our enemies are not men and women, but the dark spirit of the enemy who desires to kill, steal, and destroy,” she continued. “We forgive those who do not understand what they are doing, and we ask for peace to flow from heaven into the hearts of our neighbors, and to surround our people like a wall.”
Then, in an official statement released by Irish Global on June 10, Baker offered further details surrounding the perilous situation:… more

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