How a Defector Uses Flood Waters to Send Hundreds of Bibles Into North Korea

A North Korean defector who has sent 60 tons of rice, financial support and waterproof Bibles through some pretty ingenious methods, reacted to the recent Korea Summit and shed light on deprived the people really are.
Kim Yogn Hwa is a North Korean defector and chairman of the North Korean Refugees Human Rights Association of Korea. Since April 2016, he had overseen over 58 innovative rice bottle launches, resulting in around 60 tons of rice delivered to hungry and malnourished North Koreans.
While Hwa supports President Trump on many of his initiatives, he said Trump only has “limited information” about North Korea and the administration, and it is “very difficult for him to the understand the reality of the North Korean” people. He said that despite what the press says, Korean people are still facing immense persecution and suffering under Kim Jong Un’s regime… more

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