Planned Parenthood Sues Trump Admin for Wanting Sex Ed Programs to Focus on Abstinence

Planned Parenthood wants taxpayers’ money, and it’s doing everything it can to keep it.
On Friday, it filed another lawsuit against the Trump administration, this time challenging a Department of Health and Human Services decision to prioritize sexual risk avoidance programs instead of the abortion giant’s risky sex education programs, Courthouse News reports.
The Trump administration cut millions of dollars in Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program grants to the abortion chain in 2017 after evidence showed the program was not effective. However, the abortion chain is suing to stop those cuts as well in a separate lawsuit.
The new Planned Parenthood lawsuit claims HHS is wrong to prioritize abstinence-based sex education programs over its own.
Here’s more from the AP:
The lawsuits were filed in federal courts in New York City and Spokane, Washington, by four different Planned Parenthood affiliates covering New York City and the states of Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Nebraska and Washington…. more

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  1. I pray they loose.. With all their forms of free birth control.. There are still millions of abortions.. why? Abstinence and prevention don’t bring in the money..

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