Warning from the Watchmen on the Wall

Warning from the Watchmen on the Wall

The Status Quo is About to Be Upended

We are watching every precursor to last days events falling right into place. As horrific as things are here and everywhere else for those who are believers and for the world in general, it’s so exciting to see every little piece of the end-times puzzle fitting right into place.

We are living in a weird place between what appears to be on one hand a return to American pride with a seeming chance at restoring “peace and prosperity,” and hanging over the cliff of complete devastation on the other. It is a weird dichotomy in which we are living. We could well see Isaiah 17 erupt in the next few weeks or even days (I am NOT predicting anything, merely surmising based on current events).

Turkey’s Erdogan (the modern-day Sultan wannabe) just solidified his hold in Turkey in their latest “election,” while in Russia, Putin, that sly old KGB fox, is working behind the scenes doing all he can to strengthen his hold in the Middle East, just biding his time until he feels the time is most advantageous for him to strike Israel…. more

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