Children Murdered in Their Beds: Nigeria Now the Deadliest Place to Be a Christian

Children Murdered in Their Beds: Nigeria Now the Deadliest Place to Be a Christian

A new wave of attacks by Fulani herdsmen against Christians is leading one international human rights advocate to call on the US Congress to appoint a special envoy to investigate.

“Nigeria is now the deadliest place in the world to be a Christian,” explained attorney Emmanuel Ogebe. “What we have is a genocide. They are trying to displace the Christians, they are trying to possess their land and they are trying to impose their religion on the so-called infidels and pagans who they consider Christians to be.”

Two weeks ago, 238 people were killed in a village massacre in north-central Nigeria. Six of Ogebe’s relatives were among the victims.

“From what we have been able to piece together, the husband and his pregnant wife, he tried to take her out of the house to safety and come back for the kids,” recalled Ogebe. “But they ran into the herdsmen along the way and they shot him and his pregnant wife and they went into their home and they killed their four-year-old son and their six-year-old daughter who were asleep in their beds.”… more

Psalm 74:18 Remember this: the enemy has mocked Yahweh, and a foolish people has insulted Your name. 19 Do not give the life of Your dove to beasts; do not forget the lives of Your poor people forever. 20 Consider the covenant, for the dark places of the land are full of violence. 21 Do not let the oppressed turn away in shame; let the poor and needy praise Your name. 22 Rise up, God, defend Your cause! Remember the insults that fools bring against You all day long. 23 Do not forget the clamor of Your adversaries, the tumult of Your opponents that goes up constantly.

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