Annie’s Sells Out to GMO Giant General Mills. Here’s What You’re Not Being Told

Annie’s Sells Out to GMO Giant General Mills. Here’s What You’re Not Being Told

annieLet me guess. One of your favorite go-to meals is shells and white cheddar and you find yourself having to ration boxes of cheddar bunnies so that you don’t devour the whole package in one sitting. I don’t blame you. Nowadays it’s hard to find anything appetizing that won’t kill you, fund Monsanto, or most likely both.

If you’re the type that boycotts brands whose parent companies are against labeling GMOs and support big-biotech business, then you might need to learn how to make homemade mac n’ cheese. That’s right, your beloved Annie’s has sold out to GMO pedlar General Mills for a whopping $820 million.

In case you missed it, General Mills was one of the most generous donators toward the campaign to prevent GMO labeling initiative prop 37 in California. They put $1,135,300 (as of 2012) into anti-GMO-labeling propaganda in Cali. alone.

Yes, since then General Mills has made an effort to appeal to the anti-GMO movement by changing the ingredients in Cheerios into a product that is almost completely free of GMOs. However, General Mills saw no increase in sales from this effort to win over the awake and aware population thus CEO Ken Powell has proclaimed they will not be offering anymore GMO-free products in the future. It goes to show that this corporation is much more concerned with their profits than the health of their consumers…. more

For many of us who strive to eat organic and clean here is another brand that was sold out to a GMO company. We have stopped buying Annie’s due to this change and no longer trust this brand of food.

Found this video very interesting, has anyone else tried this.

5 thoughts on “Annie’s Sells Out to GMO Giant General Mills. Here’s What You’re Not Being Told

  1. Thanks for the news, I usually buy Annie’s white cheddar 🙁
    A small health conscious group in Vt fought to have GMO foods labeled.
    After a long battle the case was won in their favor. Obama blocked the ruling and that was final..
    If GMO’s are harmless then why spend so much money to keep it suppressed from labeling?

    1. I agree, my niece eats the bunnies and the white cheddar. After reading this we no longer buy this product but have found other organic products. It is so sad when a company does this. Just like veggie tales sold their company and now the show has completely changed to the point that my niece recognized it and said something. She no longer wants to watch the new veggie tales, she still watches the older ones. Thank you for sharing :)!

      1. I didn’t know Veggie Tales sold their company.. It is sad that they changed the program, we need more Christian content that is Biblical.. Not just a Christian tag.. like the movie Noah, that was way off course..
        Thanks for the news 🙂

        1. Right, we did not even see that movie. If you watch the earthquake update by dutchsinse, can you please keep him in your prayers. They are going after him for telling the truth and from his wording there is no foundation of Christ, for everything is mother nature. His updates have been spot on and have helped many people but it sure would be nice if he did this biblically, what a testimony that would be! Have a blessed day my friend :)!!!

          1. I haven’t watched the update by dutchsinse, but thank you for the info. I had the same feeling when I watched him, that he needs salvation. I hope Christians will leave many comments about God creating all things, and how earth changes are in prophecy.
            I used to stay in the loop with news when I watched Paul Begley, but then we saw how he seemed to go overboard at times, and it seemed his viewers were paying for all their needs and vacations.. that bothered us so we stopped watching. I am sure they love the Lord, and have a good heart.. but fame sent them into commercialism.. I will be praying for Dutch, and thank you for the news 🙂

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