STOP Trying to Make Me HATE Our President! Wow, Do You Believe We Are in The LAST DAYS?

STOP Trying to Make Me HATE Our President! Wow, Do You Believe We Are in The LAST DAYS?

There have been a few readers of my articles who have written to me about Donald Trump. Most of these people will not be happy until I come out with a scathing article about our president.

I have four words for these and others who are anticipating a hateful article about Trump from me:


Is he perfect?  Certainly not.  Am I perfect, or the people who write to me – or ANY of us?   NO.  There is one perfect One and His name is Jesus Christ.

I expect the Leftist rhetoric about our president from unsaved Liberals.  But, what is going on in the body of Christ that they would feel such hatred towards our president? Is their TV malfunctioning and stuck on CNN?  Even if that was the case – can they not discern between Fake News and Real News?


It is no secret that I am an ethnic Jew who came to belief in Yeshua (Jesus) as Messiah.  How can I not love what Donald Trump has done for Israel?  After those torturous 8 years under Barack Obama, Donald Trump is a breath of fresh air to all who love America and Israel!… more

Witnessing to All Nations

…11 and many false prophets will arise and mislead many. 12 Because of the multiplication of wickedness , the love of most will grow cold. 13 But the one who perseveres to the end will be saved.…

Berean Study Bible

I agree with what she is saying. So many hate the fact that we enjoy having a president who is for America, for Israel, for Christians and stands for what is right and because he stands evil hates that with a passion. We did not pray for a perfect, no defect person to be our president. We prayed for someone to stand against our enemy and fight for our country, fight for life, as well as, Israel and that is exactly what God gave us. We do believe that President Trump will bring War, and as you can read and watch this is exactly what is happening all around the world. Many, and I mean many, hate President Trump for who he is, what he stands for, and for what he is doing. We should pray for our president because he might be the last one who will give us this reprieve that we desperately prayed for.

What does the Bible say about hate? …..The worst situation is that of a man who continues professing religion but remains at enmity with his brother. The Scriptures declare that such a person is a liar (1 John 4:20), and he may fool men, but not God. How many believers live for years pretending that all is well, putting on a front, only to be found finally wanting because they have harbored enmity (hatred) against a fellow believer?

Hatred is a poison that destroys us from within, producing bitterness that eats away at our hearts and minds. This is why the Scriptures tell us not to let a “root of bitterness” spring up in our hearts (Hebrews 12:15). Hatred also destroys the personal witness of a Christian because it removes him from fellowship with the Lord and other believers. Let us be careful to do as the Lord advised and keep short accounts with everyone about everything, no matter how small, and the Lord will be faithful to forgive, as He has promised (1 John 1:9; 2:1).

Loving Your Enemies — To love one’s enemies is a deliberate act of a person’s will; it is not natural for us to love anyone except those who love us back. Loving your enemies is impossible without the love of God in your heart. Your enemy can be your family, friend, co-worker and people you do not know. There are many reasons why we will hate our enemies….

Anger – Are you expressing Anger? —– Anger is common to man. Everyone has anger. However, anger does not stand alone there are other emotions involved. So how did man become godless, full of doubt, fear, insecurity, and anger? The world blames parents, environment, life issues, and so on. The truth is everyone is born knowing how to pitch fits. Adam and Eve lived in a perfect….

One thought on “STOP Trying to Make Me HATE Our President! Wow, Do You Believe We Are in The LAST DAYS?

  1. Great point.. and the scriptures you post support it..
    Christians we are not acting in unity when we devour one another..
    I feel people are hating PDJT because the main stream media is their only picture of him..
    To give a fair analysis they need to look to other sources as well..
    They also hate Israel for the same reason.. Selective reporting does not tell the whole story.

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