Are We There Yet? Do You Long For Jesus To Come?

Are We There Yet? Do You Long For Jesus To Come?

I remember when I was a child – every summer my parents would take us to Atlantic City, NJ. Of course, that was when it was still a family-oriented vacation town. No Casinos, just a huge stretch of shimmering white sand with a boardwalk that seemed to go on forever.

In the early mornings we would rent bicycles before breakfast. I loved the feeling of that salty air hitting my face and blowing through my hair. I can still hear the cries of the seagulls as they soared above our heads. Of all the sights, smells and sounds; the roar of the ocean waves was by far my favorite.

Are We There Yet?

Each year, the trip from Maryland to the beach took about four hours. My dad would always drive. We all brought our pillows to catch a nap – Dad insisted that we leave around 5 a.m., so a nap was much needed.

I remember waking from a nap and asking my parents “Are we there yet?” I’d see the smiles on their faces as my mom would say “Not yet – lay your head back down.”

Four hours felt like four days! We all anticipated the fun we would have. When my parents knew that we were getting close they would open the car windows so that we kids would get that first whiff of salt air.

Then we could hardly contain ourselves!

The Rapture

This morning, as I thought about how we are waiting to hear the trump of God and the shout of our Lord Jesus, when He finally comes in the clouds to take us to be with Him; my mind traveled back to my childhood and the yearly trip to the beach…. more

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