The Day I Nearly Died by Open Doors

The Day I Nearly Died by Open Doors

For Christians in Palestine, life is a Catch-22. Caught in the middle of the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, their Christian faith makes them minorities within the Muslim-majority Palestinian Territories (No. 36 on Open Doors’ World Watch List). And their Arab ethnicity results in numerous restrictions on the Israeli side. Overall, Palestinian society deems conversion from Islam to Christianity unacceptable.

And the degree of Christian persecution believers face in the Palestinian Territories depends on their tradition and heritage. Converts from Islam to Christianity bear the brunt of the persecution; they are rejected by their communities and families. And historical churches turn away converts for fear of repercussions from the Muslim majority. In this account, Palestinian believer Nadia* shares how she gained eternal life the day she nearly died–the day that eventually led to her becoming a leader in a network of Palestinian Christians from Muslim backgrounds.


As a Muslim teenager growing up in Israel, Nadia* felt an instinctive longing to live closer to God. But she didn’t know how to find Him.

“I was raised in a Muslim family, [but] we were not very religious,” Nadia says. “We didn’t pray or go to the mosque. We just observed Ramadan and celebrated the main feasts.”

By the time she was 22, Nadia knew she wanted more. When one of her friends started living as a fundamentalist Muslim, wearing a hijab and following the Islamic rules and regulations to the letter, Nadia began to be interested in Islam…. more

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