Venezuelans Start Foregoing Water as Taps Run Dry

Venezuelans Start Foregoing Water as Taps Run Dry

Venezuela's economic crisis has left residents in San Juan with a chronic water shortageMany Venezuelans are now facing the prospect of lack of access to clean water, a crisis affecting everything from people’s homes to public hospitals, a report from Reuters detailed on Wednesday.
At the Central Venezuelan University hospital, once renowned across Latin America, many appointments, clinics, and operations have been canceled as a result of water shortages. Many of the hospital’s bathrooms are closed, while patients are forced to use a tiny tap on the ground floor providing just a trickle of water.

“I have gone to the operation bloc and opened the tap to wash my hands, as you must do before a surgery, and nothing comes out,” gynecologist Lina Figueria told the agency.

In people’s homes, individuals are left unable to drink water or wash amid the country’s ferociously hot summer climate.

Last month, Breitbart reported how people began staging protests due to water failures mainly affecting the capital Caracas. Groups of demonstrators blocked highways around the city to protest the lack of clean water supplies, which they complained would expose them to infectious diseases… more

One thought on “Venezuelans Start Foregoing Water as Taps Run Dry

  1. It is so sad what is happening.. I saw this years ago when they were lining up for miles with a number stamped on their arm to buy food.. The sales were being rationed so even if you had the money you couldn’t buy it..
    The Government of Venezuela will not allow foreign aid.. so Christian groups are in hiding to help as they can.
    If we are taking Syrian refuges in droves, why not open our doors to these as well?

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