Where Are the Watchmen on the Wall?

Where Are the Watchmen on the Wall?

I wrote an article recently that does not seem to be very popular. It’s an “inconvenient” truth that the children in public schools across America are being indoctrinated with transgender filth, lies and perversions. This was part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, with a projected date of 2030 for complete implementation.

Just so you know – the whole LGBT and Transgender movement has ONE goal. Can you guess what it is? POPULATION CONTROL. That’s rather a no-brainer seeing that it comes out of the U.N. which is 100% behind the NWO.

Remember my articles on the Georgia Guide Stones? “Maintain the population at 500 million people.” Yeah – that’s the goal and that means that 94% of us with have to be eliminated!

But all of the homosexual movements are part of this agenda as well.

Are you a Watchman?

Are you afraid to speak out about our children being indoctrinated with this filth? We Christians in America have not seen real persecution. Too many of us are so comfortable in our cushy environments; with our great jobs – etc etc…. more

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