Comment Going Viral on Twitter of a Man Whos Life is on The LINE from PULLING People Out on 9/11

Comment Going Viral on Twitter of a Man Whos Life is on The LINE from PULLING People Out on 9/11

Vinny has dedicated his entire life to fighting for his country. He fights for his own life today. Marine, NYPD Police Officer, father of 4 young children, husband, son, friend. As a rookie NYPD officer on 9/11/2001, Vinny worked “The Pile” for weeks to save lives and recover the dead. 17 years later, like so many others that day, Vinny developed nasal cancer which spread to his brain. He needs us now. His family needs us now. Let’s rally around them.

From Vinny’s wife on FaceBook:

September 11, 2018

Seventeen years ago today far too many lives were changed forever, taken away too soon and families were torn apart. We honor those lives, those families on this anniversary. We thank the first responders and countless volunteers for their bravery and ultimate sacrifice. I want to take this opportunity not only to remember all of those we have lost but I want to thank all the unsung heroes that are still affected by this tragedy all these years later. Those brave souls that ran into the face of danger, while so many ran away. Those heroic men and women that spent countless days, hours and even years recovering and rebuilding after this travesty. My husband was among those fearless individuals, a rookie in the 7th precint full of hope and love for his city. On his day off ran to its aide and stayed there for months. Little did he know what he was about to face, how it would impact the course of his life. Today definitely resonates a little differently for our family. I took the opportunity which I had not done before to thank my husband for his bravery, for his sacrifice. I asked him a single question ” Had you have known then what you do now, would you have still went that day and volunteered so many times to go back”. As he laid in his hospital bed now for the 84th day, recovering from five surgeries, countless procedures, relearning how to walk, to swallow to breath on his own, all of which originated from a nasal tumor that traveled to his brain and yes is “9/11 related” and this man without hesitation says to me “Yes, yes I would still have went”. Tears rolled down my face and I simply replied “I’d figure you would say that”. Please take a moment today and everyday to count your blessings, to say I love you over and over again and to remember the ultimate sacrifice so many make to keep us safe! – All our love to Vinny.

I want every cop-hating, Nike wearing, National Anthem kneeler to know that my best friend since childhood, a 20+ year NYPD Police Officer, had part of his skull removed today & is fighting for his life in a NYC hospital from nasal/brain cancer from digging for 9/11 survivors.

Here are some of the replies by others.
To you wonderful people asking how to help, Vinny has 4 young children and houses his elderly father. The NYPD will take care of Vinny, I would love for him to see an outpouring of support and patriotism – like there was on 9/11:  via @gofundme

Truly sad story. So many of these brave officers had to stay and could not leave. They were exposed to so much. I hope your friend makes it. From Canada with love and prayers. Tell him we care.

by LHWM: Are you a believer in Jesus Christ? Then you know real sacrifice. The sacrifice of giving Oneself to save the life of another. Are these so called role models willing to put their life on the line so someone else will live? How much courage does it really take to kneel on a secured football field? How much courage does it take to sign a money making contract?

Courage is being able to stand in the face of life threatening danger to protect another.

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