The Devil Walks The Aisles

The Devil Walks The Aisles

In Matthew 16:18 Jesus makes it clear that the Church is His and the gates of Hades
will not prevail against it. If that be so, then why does it seem that the Church is failing today? Obviously, many who are called Christians have no resemblance to Jesus. Most of the churches have followed the way of the world and not only condone but endorse everything Satan upholds. Has Jesus lost His grip and Satan seized the Church? What is going on?

Read the previous paragraph carefully, because I have been very careful in my wording. Satan may have taken over many “churches,” but he does not have the “Church.” A steeple does not make a Church. Neither does the fence one straddles make a Christian.

So let me say right up front that Jesus’ Church is made up of many people who are in many different churches, but those churches do not necessarily belong to Jesus. Many of the churches are dead, but the real Church lives. When Christ calls His Church out of the world at the Rapture, the cream will rise to the top. All those remaining, and there will be many, are not the Church.

There are millions of people who are “church” members today, but how many of those are “Church” members? Only the bridegroom really knows, and He will call them to Him one day soon… more

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