Why Do Many American Christians Believe That We Will Not Experience Intense Persecution?

Why Do Many American Christians Believe That We Will Not Experience Intense Persecution?

This article is not going to make me very popular, but I MUST speak truth!

After writing my article on China and how Xi Jinping is burning Bibles, tearing down churches and demanding that Christians denounce Jesus Christ, I received this in an email from one of my readers. I asked in the article: ‘Could this be us in the near future?’ Here is the email response:

“Geri, I don’t think so, simply because I believe we have to be gone before the antichrist declares himself, and before the Gog of Magog war. I believe we are seriously on the cusp of that devastating but brief war, and our leaving will be the opportunity for the old devil to put his puppet in place. I am not an escapist. I’m simply believing in the pretrib rapture because is the only one that I believe is provable from scripture without obfuscating and twisting the facts.”

What is going on?

Why do fellow Christians believe that American Christians will be spared from persecution? I am NOT speaking of THE Tribulation. That is a separate event in Bible Prophecy.

What about the Christians who were slaughtered in Iraq and Syria in the past ten years? There were more deaths of Christians in this ten year period than in all of the years since the birth of the Church!.. more

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Are You Prepared For Christ Return —> The church is to be prepared for Christ Return and to be able to handle what must take place for this to happen….

…But it in no way represents God. As a Christian. We’re going to have to decide where we’re going to stand. As a Christian we’re going to have to make the decision of exactly where we’re going to put our faith who we’re going to trust in. But more than anything who are we going to believe. Who are we going to follow. Who are we going to walk after. Who are we going to look to live a life that is pleasing to. And there’s only two that you choose from God or man. So you live your life to please God or you life to please man.

Question: “Is it wrong to be a Christian secretly in order to preserve your own life?”
Is it wrong to live lives as secret Christians for fear of reprisal or even death? Should Christians be willing to die for confessing the name of Jesus? Should we keep our faith secret in order to preserve our lives? This is a question that is only hypothetical for Christians in many parts of the world, with the worst persecution they could receive being ridicule and/or insults. However, for Christians in some parts of the world, this question is very real and practical—their lives literally are at risk. It is one thing to not be as bold as you would like in order to protect your own life and/or the lives of your family. It is another thing entirely to make your own life a higher priority than serving, honoring, worshipping, and obeying Christ. So, with that said, is it wrong to keep your faith in Christ a secret?… more

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