$50-Billion mega-corporation Monsanto LOSES in court while millions of activists and organic consumers win big

$50-Billion mega-corporation Monsanto LOSES in court while millions of activists and organic consumers win big

(Natural News) Interested in feeding the world and helping farmers become more prosperous with sustainable crops? Boycott evil Monsanto. Searching for the cure for cancer and Alzheimer’s disease? Boycott Monsanto. Are you in favor of protecting the free-speech voices and the privacy of organic consumers who know GMOs and Roundup are extremely toxic to humans, farm animals, and the world’s ecosystems? Then avoid all foods grown by Monsanto and products manufactured and sold by Monsanto.

The world’s most evil corporation (that was recently purchased by Bayer) just lost a landmark New York court case, where they attempted to subpoena all of the strategies, emails, partnerships and private information of the leading global activist organization Avaaz. During Monsanto’s epic failure, the judge blocked Monsanto’s subpoena and even lectured Monsanto lawyers about the importance of democracy and the freedom of speech in America.

Ten years worth of activists’ private internal campaign communications protected from Monsanto’s insidious corporate vultures

Over the past decade, millions of activists have signed countless petitions against Monsanto and their deadly crop chemicals, including glyphosate, the key ingredient that makes up 50 percent of Roundup – the world’s most utilized weed killer and Monsanto’s flagship product. If Monsanto had succeeded with their 168-page subpoena, they would have acquired personal information on every person who ever participated in protesting their poisons…. more

Another toxic and disastrous product called Dicamba, that Monsanto created, may start replacing Roundup, since the Roundup name is tarnished forever. Watch for the brand name Dicamba (a.k.a. XtendiMax), which is worse than glyphosate, to take center stage in the chemical war against organics. Learn more about this blight on humanity and the environment in the following podcast.

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