Update with Living His Word Ministries, Inc.

Update with Living His Word Ministries, Inc.

We want to thank everyone who reads, visits, shares and adds comments to our site! We wanted to let you know that we are going to focus more on our bible teachings and biblical articles. Time is running thin my friends and we need to share the gospel more. The news lining up with scripture is our focus because the truth is being censored and shut out. Our internet service was down for a few days and the one thing I noticed, I did not know what was really happening anywhere. But, what about mainstream news, well it’s not called fake news for nothing. 

Anyway, we will post news except for Saturday and Sunday. We have added a news feed by LHWM. They will be on our site along with video news. 

Please share the good news of Jesus the Christ.  God Bless You All!

Just a FYI in case you did not know, we do have a prophecy update page that is updated weekly, we have a bible pastor page that is updated daily and we have a Sunday sermon page that is updated every Sunday morning before 10 am.  It is so important that you get into the Word of God!

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