The Time is Now America, Where will You Stand?

The Time is Now America, Where will You Stand?

Jan Markell welcomes Michele Bachmann and Phil Haney to the studio to discuss current issues. Are we seeing an early foreshadowing of the predicted end-time lawlessness and defiance? The Left wants government to be god. They will not stop until they have dethroned the true God for an evil agenda, open borders, socialism, and global government. Perhaps the predicted days of Noah have returned.

Michelle Bachman, Voting, Fasting, Praying, Midterm Election – A prophetic Deborah

When it comes to voting for a candidate, many looks at the political party to make a decision, but what about looking at the values of the candidate? We believe that is the most important thing to do, to research the values of each candidate and decide based on that person’s values. At the Values Voters Summit 2018 many great men and women spoke of the importance of voting in the coming mid-term elections.

Former U.S. Congresswoman, Michele Bachmann spoke at the Values Voters Summit and encourages believers to fast and pray for the coming mid-term elections. “Our involvement in this world is paying off…we are actively fulfilling the responsibility as believers…I see those of us who are believers, especially if you go back to the 2016 elections, remember in the months leading up…where we all felt that this was the last exit ramp for this country. And we knew that we had a responsibility before the Lord as believers to do our part for our nation.” Michele talks about our nation, America, and how different it is from other nations and is built on Biblical truths. Other nations long to be like America.

“Probably one of the greatest threats that we are dealing with today is the loss to religious liberty and the loss of free speech. Look at the internet for instance,” she talks about social media and internet sites. “The big story of this election is really two-fold, on one hand you have massive amounts of false information going through the mainstream media outlets, day after day after day. We know it’s probably false information. On the other hand, we know that the social media sites have so restricted freedom of speech and expression that there was even a poll done recently that said that traffic to conservative sites is down 93%. Not by choice but because of the masters of the universe, the tech titans, the Facebook, the Instagram, the Twitters, the social media, the YouTube, have decided our voice is not a legitimate voice.” Michele shares what Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, said that within 10 years there will be two internets, one will be controlled by China. She speaks of China being an electronic tyrant, dictating people’s lives. “It is being aided and abetted by American companies, which I question if they are even American companies anymore.”… more

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