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What is going on world wide? We provide a biblical view on what is happening currently around the world by lining it up with the Word of God. The news and videos below show how close Christ Return is.

The world as a whole is pushing out the Jesus Christ of scripture. Bibles are being altered to present a different Christ. Those in the pulpits, for the most part, no longer even pretend to read scripture much less verse by verse. What is happening to Israel and in the Middle East are big red flags we are coming closer to the time of the Tribulation. If you are thinking, no way, things have always been the same and they will stay the same; that is end time thinking (2 Peter 3:4). Things are moving forward rapidly on the prophetic home-front. It is time to still the fears and anxieties of those who have no understanding of what looks like out of control chaos and to encourage those who are on the front lines of the Believers spiritual battles. Jesus is coming and we will finish our race.

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    Weather News

    1-19-2019 Jesus is coming! Are you prepared.

  • Worldly News - What is Going on?

    You Didn't See This in the News !

    1-19-2019 Jesus is coming! Are you prepared. A comment from this video

    Luz I Pizarro
    I have no fear because I know these things must happen, it still doesn't make it any easier to watch. People taking selfies, being amazed at the sight before them, but they find some reason as to why it's happening. It's really heartbreaking to see how blind people are these days, they are only looking at what's in front of them. I used to hurt so badly because I was trying to save the world and realize I couldn't. It's like watching someone jump from Washington bridge and they don't want your help, all you can do is watch. I pray for you two my brother's, keep preaching and showing your videos. God bless!
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    They are pushing to track you

    1-19-2019 We do not believe this is the mark of the beast for no knows what that will be, however they are preparing to track every little step in your life. Our focus is on Christ! Revelation 13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

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    Strange Events Happening Worldwide - Scientists Can't Explain


  • January 12, 2019 | Views - 50
    Birth Pains in the Last Days - by LHWM

    Changes Are Happening Faster - Our children Are at Risk!

    Changes Are Happening Faster - Our children Are at Risk!

    Why do I and others continually write about events that are happening because these events are leading to a very specific time which is known as the tribulation. This is to warn anyone who will listen that God is not taken by surprise or off guard and that He has revealed His plan in His written word and the world is lining up with His word faster and faster eveyday. When the open acceptance of homosexuality began children were still kept hidden but now we see in the artic ... read more

  • January 06, 2019 | Views - 46
    Birth Pains in the Last Days - by LHWM

    Is Psalm 83 Occurring Today? Where is Israel?

    Is Psalm 83 Occurring Today? Where is Israel?

    Psalm 83:1-4 says the enemies of Israel have one plan, to destroy them as a nation and remove them from memory. There are different thoughts on whether this is past or future but the articles make it obvious it is in the now. At this present time the enemies of Israel are working to destroy her. These people who have become apart of America's government have big dreams and expectations but what will actually happen. In Zechariah 9 we find God will destroy all those who come to destroy Israel. ... read more

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    I Never Thought I Would See the Day (Part 3) - Jan Markell
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    Bible Prophecy - Happening Now with Don Stewart - Jack Hibbs & Don Steward
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